Cheese Dumpling for Lunch

Today I made cheese dumplings for my family and I. Although I`ve heard of cheese dumplings, I never thought to try it. I mixed chopped green onion and imitation crabsticks into a bowl, and cut the block of mozzarella into smaller sticks so they would fit inside the dumpling skin. Then I just used the same steps to make any other dumplings. In a heated pan with lots of oil, about half the pan, I fried the dumplings until golden brown on both sides. This was the first batch and they were more crispy than we`d like because I thought it would take longer for the cheese to melt. The second batch I didn`t fry as long and the cheese still melted nicely. However, there wasn`t enough filling because once fried, most of it went to one side and the other side was just dumpling skin. I didn`t fill it completely because I thought the skin might rip while frying and the cheese would spill. The combination is good, especially with the green onion aroma when biting into it. But next time I will try adding other ingredients into the mixture.

All photos are my own.

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