Cheese amp Corn Ice cream?!

5 years ago

(These are my own photos!)

Hey Luuuxers! I was grocery shopping at a local Asian market and ran across this ice cream flavor that was brought to my attention from my sister. I am a food person myself, I love to eat food and as well try out different foods (TO AN EXTENT).

Anywho. WHAT? Cheese and corn ice cream? That sounds gross right? Believe it or not... This actually turned out to be pretty darn good. If you`re all about trying something new and open minded to those kinds of things, you should definitely try it out. The ice cream is actually a bright yellow. Very rich in cream... Very, very creamy. And it`s actually very light on cheese and corn. It really only contains tiny blocks of cheese and single corns. Not too bad right? Anyway, to my surprise. It was so good it became one of my favorite flavors LOL. But yeah, tell me what you guys think, hehe. ;)

What do you guys think?
Have you ever tried this before?
Would you ever try this?


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