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Hey you guys, it`s Liz. I know I haven`t been on much, but today I`m here to say CHEER-LEADING IS A SPORT! I hate when people say, it takes no effort, and it`s so easy. No cheer is hard work, and pain. I cheer for the high school. I have practice 3 times a week and those are excruciating. These are the reason I think cheer is hard. - 1. You throw 120 pound girls up. Divide that by 2. That`s what your holding 7 feet in the air. We run a mile in 7 minutes. We do 175 push ups, and 300 sit ups. Not including all the spranged ankles, and shin splints we get. I devote my life to cheer, and to become the best cheer leader I can be. Cheer isn`t about being one of those snudy girls in school or being "hot." Being a cheerleader is being an example for your school. Getting good grades, making wise decisions, and working to our full ability. So before you say that anyone can do cheerleading, I would like you to go out there and do what us cheerleaders do.

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