Cheerleader Declines Modeling Contract

5 years ago

University of Georgia cheerleader, Anna Watson, declined a fitness modeling contract worth $75,000. Why would someone do such a thing you may ask? Well the modeling agency wanted her to take Anavar, which is a legal anabolic steroid, which would help her gain more muscle mass. She was worried about what it would do to her body and concerned as she wants children later in life. She made a statement saying "I don`t serve a modeling agent. I serve the Lord," Watson said. "I`m not going to compromise my morals and my beliefs just to take pictures. I believe that my body is a temple and a beautiful creation, so I don`t want to put anything into it that can harm it." I strongly agree with her. I wouldn`t want to put anything un-natural like that in my body that if I wouldn`t have to, not knowing what kind of affects it could have on my body in the future. For a cheerleader I think it`s quite impressive she can bench press 155 lbs, squat 255 and dead lift about 230 lbs. I don`t know about you, but to me I think that`s impressive enough with her physique from what I can see to land a fitness modeling contract without having to take steroids.

Would you have taken the steroids to land the modeling contract?
What do you think about steroid use?
Do you currently take steriods? Lol j/j

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