This is so funny and so weird at the same time... i don`t know which outweighs the other. haha

Rather than the coffee mug having a regular handle, its handle is an ear. I wonder if that would be a little difficult to hold though. It would definitely not be a gift for your arthritic grandmother. She wouldn`t be able to grip it.

This Ceramic mug says it`s hand wash only buy that it`s also not microwaveable. It makes me wonder if there`s something in the ceramic that can`t go in the microwave or dishwasher ... which you then shouldn`t be putting a liquid you`ll be drinking in or your lips on... or if you just shouldn`t put it in the microwave because if you go to grab it by the ear handle, it can break off after heating and the liquid can burn you.

Either way, it sells for $9.99.

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