Cheap USB Haul and Impressions

2 years ago

I randomly stopped by Target today because I had a craving to buy chips. While walking to the food section, I passed by the school supplies section and saw there were clearance signs practically everywhere. Of course I went to check out what was on sale. Who knows, I might need something for school.

There were a lot of pens and pencils on sale, but I got too much of that stuff already. And I didn`t need pencil crayons, markers or glue anymore ha. So I kinda wanted to give up and get my bag of chips and leave. But right when I was walking out of the aisle, I saw a bunch of USBs. I decided to browse to see if any were on sale and there were a few. Also, I needed a USB for one of my classes so I was more inclined to getting one.

After some browsing, I noticed that a few USBs were priced incorrectly. By this I mean, the 16GB USBs were priced to be on clearance for $9.09 and the 32BG USBs were on sale for $17.89. However, the two 32GB USBs I got were priced for $9.09, which is a steal! Especially when they originally costed $34.99.

First Impressions:

-Design: The USB is a `Twist Turn` design. This means that instead of having a cap that you remove before using, you would twist and turn the coloured part; so you wouldn`t lose the cap and it also `protects` dust from getting in. It`s a good design in terms of not losing the cap but I don`t think it really protects dust from getting into the drive.

-Colours: This particular USB by Lexar is the `Special Edition` one. I think they call it `special edition` since it comes with a print. I picked up a purple and pink one. Both USBs have a spiral print. Other colours include teal and black. You can also get a cat and skull print. I like coloured USBs over getting a black or white one since having a bright colour helps me remember to unplug my USB before leaving. This is great for when you go to the library or any other public place when using a computer.

-Storage: I think 32GB is plenty for me to use, but I still prefer bigger GBs just in case I need to store major and multiple files.

-Price: I can`t believe I got such a great price for these! I`m basically paying the price of a 16GB USB.

Even though my intention was to just grab a bag a chips, I am still satisfied with my purchase since it was a great deal and I knew they would be something that I would always use.

Which USB brand do you prefer?

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