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4 years ago

Hey guys, well here is the fourth addition of cheap student meals, I know the new school, university, college year is coming up so here are some cheap ways to have a good well balanced meal and still save money. I recently went to Tesco to see how I would survive in University for a week just off my own money and buying only the food I needed. I love Tuna, its my favourite fish and for 4 tins for £3.00 I have found another bargain, you might think that this is a bit expensive when taking into consideration my other foods, However, Ive tried Tesco value Tuna and it really is not the same, but I will probably end up buying it in university for the simple fact I dont have money to be wasting. Anyway, you can have whatever you want with Tuna really; as usual my favourite is to have Tuna, Rice and Vegetables. My mother use to make me her speciality Tuna summer salad. She would get a massive bowl and throw all summer veg in the bowl, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and other random ingredients and put the tuna in and we would divide equally, sit out in the garden and eat our food. Delicious. Another meal you may like is Tuna and cottage cheese, I personally love this, and it has a great taste and again has a lot of protein 25g and good fats with minimum calories.

Do you like Tuna ?

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