Cheap Room Decor and Organization Haul!

4 years ago

So I recently visited my local 99 cent depot to pick up some organizational items for my room and some that were also kind of decor. The first thing I picked up were some drawer organizers because I am the worst at keeping things clean unless I have a system thats easy to use and works for my needs. So I picked these up for my main desk drawer so that I would be able to find things and have an easy time putting them away as well!

The next thing I picked up were these adorable boxes. My dollar store has tones of different designs and loads of different sizes. I think these look great in your room for anything that needs to be outside but could fit into a box, but I also think it looks great in your closet. I love opening my closet and seeing everything nicely organized because it really displays everything you have for you to enjoy. I basically used one of these boxes for all my old birthday cards and memorabilia (I was going to use one for each of these but the big box is SO huge that I fit them into both!). I used the second box for packaging of makeup and skincare which I want to keep for a few weeks in case I dont like the product. I used the last box for extra makeup bags which come in handy for weekend trips and travel.

I`m really happy with the things I picked up (my total came to ~$7) and how they look in my room! I totally recommend you guys visit your own local dollar stores for great cheap organizational items that can look like decor as well!

Hope you enjoyed this post and happy luuuxing:).

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