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4 years ago

I went to 2 separate nail supply stores this weekend and picked up some OPI and Essie. I hate getting them at retail stores because they are all full price, usually around $8-10.

The first place I went to was a couple of blocks from my house and it was called Kissena Nail Supply. They have a HUGE selection of OPI and Essie nail polishes, and recently added China Glaze. They are a little cheaper than retail prices: OPI = $6.50, Essie = $5.50, and China Glaze = $5.50. The color I got was OPI Thanks A Windmillion, which is a muted seafoam green/blue color. Its a really pretty color and looks great as a pedicure. They also carry those special effects nail polish(Shatter/Crackle) and lots of nail equipment like nail polish remover, thinner, design utensils, manicure/pedicure gear, nail gem stickers, etc.

Second place was called "Hollywood" in Chinatown. I`ve been there a few times and its pretty small. They too have nail equipment for nail salons and theres also a bunch of non name brand nail polishes that I`ve never heard of before. But my last visit, they added a huge OPI nail polish rack with various colors. They use to have a tiny table stand with a few rows, like the Essie stand. There were only a few selection and they were mostly neutral colors. And here I picked up a Essie nail polish called Angel Food. It is a sheer, neutral color with a hint of pink. It can look kinda streaky if you don`t apply it right and of course if you want the main color to show up, you`re gonna have to apply 4 coats. I can`t really remember the price(sorry), but I think it was $3.77?? definitely around $4.
Another thing, the people that work here need to smile lols. I`m never a person that says anything about customer service. Whenever I go there its never packed, I`m the only one there...they should at least acknowledge me. When I asked about the prices, the lady just answered it like it was annoying and a burden to reply. I`m just saying, if you own a small business, customer service is key because it makes people come back. I just get this weird vibe here as if they don`t want me there.

Pros/Cons about shopping at nail supply stores:
- it can be very inexpensive and save you a bundle on nail polishes. you have to look around and see whats good
- they usually carry a large selection of nail colors and utensils. very convenient for nail salon owners and/or people who are really into doing their nails as opposed to getting it professionally done.
- negative thing is that, most of the times these nail polishes just sit there on the shelf for the longest time. So, you`re gonna have shake and roll it a couple of times and pick the good ones lols.

How much do you pay for your OPI and Essie nail polishes?
And is customer service a big thing for you?

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