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4 years ago

These are just a couple of the very basic items that I think everyone needs to keep in their supply bag (or where ever you keep your nail tools). They are both nail brushes, and both for cleaning. The larger of the two is for cleaning debris from under and around the nail, and the eyeliner brush is what I use to clean up the actual paint job around the cuticles. These will only cost you a couple of dollars, at most! I suppose you could spend more on them, but I don`t see a point in that. There is no reason to use anything fancy when the items that you can buy at the dollar store will work 100% fine. The scrubbing brush was bought at Kroger, my grocery store, because my dollar store was completely sold out. It cost me about $1.09. The eyeliner brush is just a flat top liner brush that I bought from the dollar store. It is by the brand Belle. That is a new brand to me, and to my dollar store. Previously, they carried ELF and that is what I was purchasing. It would seem they`ve done away with ELF and have replaced them with this other brand. However, I believe that they are made nearly exactly the same. Any stiff bristled eyeliner brush will do, though. This cost me $0.99. I had to restock my supply because a couple of mishaps occurred. I`m not exactly sure what happened with my clean up brush, but one day I sat down to do my nails, laid out all of my tools, and noticed my brush was chewed up. My son and husband, both, claim they didn`t touch anything. I have no idea what happened. It looked as though someone took toe nail clippers and just clipped a good chunk out of the bristles. Someone isn`t telling the truth, I think..... hmmmm. It is a mystery. For a dollar, though, it was easy to replace. It was a bad week for my nail tools. Along with my clean up brush, my scrubbing brushes needed to be replaced. I had a few of these at any given time. DID. This dwindled down to zero. One of them I gave to my husband to keep in the shower for after he has worked on the car or any other guy stuff, and winds up with oil and grease on his hands. I don`t want it back after he has used it for that kind of clean up. It will turn grey and gross. Another one, I had used after a manicure and set it on the side of the kitchen sink. This wasn`t smart on my part, I`ll admit it. My husband, clearly having no idea what a proper dish brush looks like, thought it was a new dish brush and proceeded to use it later that night to clean dishes. Oh the horror! Another one that I didn`t want back. So, it needed to be replaced, too. Again, though, for a little over a dollar it wasn`t anything to fret over. As you can see, these are very affordable clean up brushes for the nails. They come in handy and, I feel, make a world of a difference to the nails and the over all look of a manicure. I feel they are worth investing in.
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