Cheap make-up not always bad!

4 years ago

Often times, people are concerned that cheap makeup is nothing more than a cheap product. They prefer to buy the more expensive kinds of makeup because they think they will get a better quality, when in reality, sometimes, the expensive makeup that you just paid thirty dollars for is cheaper than the cheapest thing that you find in the grocery store. Here are some things that you should know about cheap makeup before you make a decision to go to the cosmetic counter and shell out a lot of money for something that you could have gotten cheaper.

Cheap makeup from big companies
The first thing that should be stated about cheap makeup is that in many instances, cheaper makeup is often put out by a more expensive company so that they can spread their name around. Just because it says BonneBell or Cover Girl doesnt mean that its a lesser product because these two companies are the same. Often times, a company like this will make cheaper makeup because it is made for little girls so that they can play dress up. It is meant to be wiped off easily with a wet cloth so that you can reapply as many times as you like.
Cheap vs. expensive makeup?
In some cases, it is better to buy the more expensive products such as foundations, blush or concealers because they have minerals and oils that are good for your skin that will be absorbed. In some of these ingredients, such as foundations, they have better quality ingredients that some of the cheaper makeup companies may not have. An example of this is that many companies use roses in their products but the more expensive companies have a larger margin for expenses and can buy the top pick of roses that they want to use, other companies that may not have that same expense margin may buy whatever the other makeup companies didnt want for their products, therefore, it is not the best of the best quality available- even though its from the same grower or greenhouse.
When cheap makeup is better?
When it comes to mascara, a product that doesnt really touch your skin, it is okay to use the cheaper brands because it is only being applied to hairs- your eyelashes- that are already considered dead. It wont make any difference if you paid eighty dollars for that Dior tube of mascara or you bought the ninety-nine cent Wen-N-Wild brand. Other products such as eye shadows are okay to buy the less expensive brands. One thing that you will always want to avoid no matter the brand is glitter in your eyeshadow because it can easily become loose and get into your eye causing infections and irritations. When it comes to using colorful eye shadows, the companies that you can find in the drug store often have better and more colors because they focus their monies on this area. This is why you can get a nice bright purple when you buy Rimmel or Jane and you cant when you are looking at Bare Essentials because they use more natural pigments.

Regardless of the type of makeup you prefer, consider where it goes. If it is something that is going to absorb into your skin like your foundation, then you may want to use something with more natural ingredients. Once the foundation is on, you can apply whatever you feel like it over the top.

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