Cheap DIY butterfly decor!

Hi loves!

Today`s post is a fun one that anyone can do! The pictures above show all of the tools you need to make your own butterfly decorations! They add so much color to a room and they`re easy, CHEAP ways to decorate your walls! Everything I got to make the butterflies with was all bought at Walmart for really great prices! This was especially helpful for me because I didn`t have much money to spare at the beginning of the school year & the dorm that I am staying in prohibits the use of double sided adhesives, so we`re only allowed to use pins, awesome right? -_-

So all you will need is:
Brown (or really any color you prefer) Foam paper

A Scalpel

A book of watercolor paper

A butterfly stencil or anything butterfly shaped (you could also freehand a butterfly if you`re talented like that!)

Push pins

An Elmer`s Craft Bond fine line glue pen (whew, that was a lot)

and Scissors

Okay, now that we have that list out of the way, I can start a new one! This, my loves, is how to make the butterflieees!

Step One:
Take the scalpel and cut out pinky sized elongated ovals from the foam paper to represent the body of the buttefly. I have super small hands and fingers so my pinky size may be pretty small compared to yours, but you can decide whether you think the size you cut out is a good size for the bodies. A tip for this is to compare the size of one of the bodies you cut out to the middle of the butterfly stencil. If the body is the same size as the center of the wings, then it`s perfect! For this step, I would recommend putting a board or old binder/book that you don`t really care about underneath the foam paper because the scalpel WILL cut up anything underneath the foam paper.

Step Two:
Trace the butterfly stencil on the pieces of watercolor paper that you want to use. There isn`t a particular order to which pages you should use first or last. This is strictly based off of your creativity so have fun! I chose to put my butterflies on the wall from darkest color to lightest so I picked which dark and light colors I liked and traced my butterflies on those! Once you have traced your butterflies, take your scissors and cut them out along the lines you have drawn. After that, cut each butterfly down the middle between the two wings. (Cuttin down the middle is optional! explanation in step 3)

Step Three:
Once you have your bodies and your wings, it`s time to glue`em on down! The way I did mine was I slightly folded the ends of my wings (the straight edges where I cut down the middle of the butterfly) and I glued the folded edges to the center of my bodies. I wasn`t too pressed to actually see the bodies, so this is why I glued them very close to the center, only leaving a slither of brown to show. The reason why I folded the straight ends was to create a 3D effect so my butterflies wouldn`t just look like little stickers I pinned to the wall, but whatever floats your boat shug!

Step Four:
Finally, it`s time to pin your butterflies to the wall! Before you pin them, I would suggest mapping out how you want your butterflies to look on your wall. I decided to pin mine in a sort of cone shape diagonally across my wall, so it starts with two dark butterflies in the bottom right corner and gradually adds more butterflies and lighter colors up to the top left corner!

Creative freedom is a big thing in making these butterflies so don`t forget to have fun and let your mind wander! Oh, & don`t forget to blast your music while your doing it, well...unless it`s really late at night and/or you have a roommate! If that`s the case then be considerate!

Well loves, that`s all for now! Until next time,
xoxo, Kaitee Symone

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