Cheap Caviar Manicure!

5 years ago

These nails are so yummy looking that I have literally been chewing on them for the past few hours. If you are not already familiar with the caviar manicure, here is the run down. It`s a finish on your nails that is supposed to mimic the appearance of caviar. You use tiny microbeads on the nail to give that illusion and if already didn`t know Ciate is a brand of nail polish that introduced me to this trend. They are currently selling kits for these nails but I think they are too expensive so I went on a mission to try to find an alternative to this and I DID! I went to my local arts and crafts store to look for the smallest beads I could find and I ran across Microbeads. These are the exact same beads Ciate uses BUT the difference here is the price and the fact that my store had tons of colors. Ciate only offers 3 or 4 options so you are limited in selection. All you have to do is apply your nail polish of choice, ideally you want to use a color that coordinates with the color of beads you will use, and while the polish is wet, sprinkle the beads on so they stick. Leave the nail alone for a few seconds and then press on the beads so they stick well and finish with a topcoat. Just be warned, the topcoat is merely to make sure the beads adhere better to your nail because they are not going to make the beads shinier. With that finish though, WHO CARES! They look so good TRY IT!

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