Cheap Boot Shapers

6 years ago

I was at the container store today and I saw they were selling Boot shapers and the ones in the picture above, cost $9.99 and I thought to myself who the hell would buy this? But obviously people that wear boots buy them.

I`ve never seen anything like this being sold in store... I`ve only seen them in display boots at nordstroms and never thought anything else about it.

I`m a regular person and I don`t have money to be throwing it away. So this is what I do I take OLD magazines roll them up and stuff them inside the boot. It`s the perfect boot shapers because once you`re done reading you magazine you toss it in the recycling. Well now you don`t have to! And I only ever did that because my boots would flop over making them not able to stand on their own. I`m VERY anal about my shoe organization :)

Do any of you ladies ever do this? I thought everyone did this, but apparently, there`s a market for these things...


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