Che Thai! My favorite!

4 years ago

I think I have two more food posts from Lee`s Sandwiches! The next one happens to be my favorite Vietnamese dessert ever! I didn`t know they had it until my little sister looked inside their fridge. HAHA The Vietnamese dessert is called Che Thai. Che Thai is basically a dessert that has a whole bunched of canned fruits mixed together with half and half milk. That`s it? Yes, just as simple as that. When you eat Che Thai there are usually jackfruit, coconut jelly, lychee, toddy palm, logan, green grass jelly (diced these babies), half and half milk and crushed ice. You can add faux pomegranate if you want, but usually we don`t. The first time I tried it was when I went to a restaurant and ordered Che Ba Mau. They waitress accidentally gave me the wrong che. I drank it and OMG! It was meant to be. LMAO! So ever since I Google so I can learn how to make it and look how simple it is. I ended up buying three for $9.75. It was $3.25 each! Guess what? I didn`t get to eat mines because I left it in the fridge too long for a few days and brought it back home. (Remember I went to Oklahoma City so it was a 12 hours drive back and forth.) So yeah! I wasted $3.25 and was so upset about it. What a waste of money right? Sigh! I didn`t eat it right away because we did and went to a lot of places. I`m still upset that I didn`t get to eat it. Oh well! I love how the package this though. Reminds me of the Bubble Milk Tea drinks! LOL Here`s what I ordered:
- 5 #1 Combination Sandwich - $14.95 ($2.99 each) /viz/combination-banh-mi
- 3 Durian Dessert - $9.75 ($3.25 each)
- 2 Banh Bao - $3.50 ($1.75 each) /viz/banh-bao-lees-sandwiches
- 6 Pate Chaud Large (Pork) - $7.50 ($1.25 each) /viz/six-large-pate-chaud-pork
- 2 Ham & Cheese Croissant - $4.50 ($2.35 each) /viz/turkey-cheese-croissant
- 2 Turkey & Cheese - $4.50 ($2.35 each) In total, I spent exactly $48.45 on food at Lee`s Sandwiches food! CRAZY MUCH? Haha Questionnaire: 1. Have you ever tried Che Thai before? 2. Which kind of Che you enjoy eating? Follow, rate & comments. Pictures are mines!

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