Chayote Tacos!

5 years ago

Hey everyone! Okay, lately I have been trying to eat a lot healthier, more fruits, veggies & protein (you get the picture). So I had some Chayote at home, which many people don`t really seem to know what it is but its a green fruit (I thought it was a veggie). Normally in Central America, where my family is from, we use it in our soups and we call it guisquil. Its really good, doesn`t really have a distinct taste but I guess you can compare it to a squash. Its refreshing when u bite into it, cooked that is, not in its raw form. Well I had plenty of them at home and was in the mood for tacos so I figured I would try to make something different and healthy with them instead of the usual soup we put them in. First I cut it in cubes and sauteed it in a little E.V.O.O. with a bay leaf, onions, garlic and mushrooms. I then added pieces of chicken breast I had left over. I heated the tortillas, the ones I had at home weren`t whole wheat but I still used them, just cut them in half to make it seem like I had more tacos. Placed the filling on the tortillas, topped it with lettuce, low fat yogurt instead of sour cream, some sauteed jalapenos, a little salsa and some of my mom`s home made green hot sauce. OMG guys, I`m not saying this because I made them but they were DELICIOUS!! It may not look so appetizing from my picture but that`s probably because my cell`s camera quality sucks hahaha, but seriously they were good! I tried to look up other recipes I can try at home with them but I couldn`t find any the caught my eye. If any of you have used this veggie/fruit before and/or have any recipe ideas you may want to share with me, feel free. I would love to read what you guys have in mind, hope you guys have a good weekend!

*picture was taken by me*

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