Chayote From My Own Backyard

4 years ago

I love growing my own veggies but sometimes I don`t always have time to take care of them, so that`s why I usually grow the ones where it needs none to minimal needs. This here in the first pic is a fully grown chayote squash. In the second and third pic, these are immature chayote squashes. They grow on vines and these vines can get everywhere so it definitely needs something to crawl on. Some parts of the vines can be eaten raw or used in stir fries. The chayote squash can also be eaten raw like with salads. For me, I like to use them in stir fries. They are very sweet in taste. And the one I have in my backyard have prickly thorns all around the squash but they are not really pokey if you pick them at the right stage, when it`s just ripe. If wait too long to pick them, the thorns will harden and it will be really hard to peel and the meat of the squash won`t be as tender as it will be if picked earlier. There are chayote squash that has no thorns on the outer layer of the skin but those are not as sweet in taste as the ones with thorns. I harvested so much last year I was giving them away to some of my co workers in bag fulls. Have you tried chayote squash before?

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