Charging Error for the Apple iPhone 3GS!

Out of the blue when I went to go charge my phone I got a message stating <Strong><em>Charging is not supported with this accessory</strong></em> and I can`t charge my phone anymore! I have an OEM charger so I don`t know what the problem is. I did a little research and they said this message appears cause either you`re using a third party charger [which I am not], your phone pins are dirty [I don`t know how to open my phone anyway so I skipped this step], OR not enough voltage in your wall [I tried that and via computer and still won`t charge] so the solution is to buy a new wall charger! I thought my phone was broken but I`m glad it`s not cause I don`t want to shell out some money getting a new one just yet.

However if you`re short on cash OR haven`t had time to buy a new charger (like me), I found that my phone charges in certain angles. It takes like 10 tries for my phone to charge and when it does charge, it does charge completely to full. But it`s a pain in the butt to find the perfect angle the phone will charge at. And, when I go over to my boyfriends`; I use his parents` iPhone charger and it works fine but I noticed with the third party phone charger is that the battery doesn`t last very long. So in conclusion with this "error sign", I need to buy a new charger.

If you ever experience this error (which I hope not):
- It`s because you`re either using a 3rd party charger and your phones not compatible with it or now it`s acting up
- Your charger pins is dirty, clean it with an air dust blower or blow on it (if you know how to open your phone then clean it that way)
- Try charging your phone in a different wall plug
- OR.. you need a new phone charger

<strong>Have you ever got this message on your Apple device? If so, what did you do?</strong>

Photo via Print Screen from my Apple iPhone 3GS!

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