Charge your device on the run? Using Solar power?

5 years ago

Admit it, you have weeks when you are so busy at times you forget to do things! I know when I`m like that I always seem to forget to charge my iphone or ipod.

But out now they actually have a device that can charge on the move?
<em> It`s called the Freeloader Pico Portable Solar Charger</em>

<strong> PROS</strong>
- It only takes 30 minutes to charge the Freeloader Pico Portable Solar Charger for it to deliver a mobile phone 35 hours of life, 14 hours of ipod life, GPS 1 and a half and the list goes on!
-It`s portable, obviously, and it`s not that big! Compared to an iphone it`s only a little bit smaller, which makes it easy to slip in your handbag or backpack!
-It has four connection tips, a master cable and a comprehensive user manuel. It can also directly connect to any device that has a USB charge or also known as a sync cable.
-The website <em> Multi Powered Products</em> has great customer service! If the tips are not compatible with your phone they can order you the tip free of charge!
-It`s a time saver, so you don`t have to wait around an extra couple of minutes for another 2% boost on your charge, just grab what you need, click it in and go about your daily routine as it charges in your bag! That easy!
-And remember it`s solar powered, so it charges your item`s internal battery in double quick time! With the help of using advanced solar cells and lithium ion battery technologies
- 2 years battery life! Meaning it will be up and running for 2 years!

<strong> Cons</strong>
- It is $39.95, which could be a lot to some people. But if you were to look for a cheaper one it does not guarantee the same customer service as MultiPowerProducts!
- Your tip might not come for your particular product, and once again if not order off Multi Powered Products you may have to pay a little extra.

<em> I am thinking of buying this when I get the new iphone and ipad! It`s seems worth it! What do you think?</em>

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