Charge Phone By Walking

4 years ago

Don`t you just hate it when your phone dies? I know I sure do. Especially since most of us (including myself) are reliant on our smartphones these days. But have no fear, the 24 year old Anthony Mutua has invented a chip (used in the shoe) that is able to recharge your phone by walking. Meaning that your body`s energy is used to fuel your gadgets.

A very thin chip made of crystal is placed in the sole of the shoe. Whenever the sole bends by your body`s pressure, power is generated. While you are walking, you can charge your phone in your pocket through a long cable. If you still have enough battery life left for your phone, you can store the power for later charging.

This technology is compatible with any type of shoe except for slippers that you wear to the bathroom or around the house. One great thing about this chip is that you once your shoe has worn out, you are able to transfer the chip into another shoe. Another great thing is that it can charge several phones at once. So no need to worry about the wait time; all your phones or your phone and a friend`s phone can be charged at once. It is estimated that this chip will be sold for about $46 and it also includes a 2.5 year warranty.

Would you buy this? Do you think this is a great invention?

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