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A few weeks back I ordered a Jack Black lip balm. Me and my son were using it every single day and loving it. (I still need to put up my review on that). Well, my husband knows we are enjoying it but it is expensive for a lip balm so it can get pricey very quickly. My husband saw this product at Walmart and picked it up.

Like the Jack Black balm, this is a lip product targeted at men. It seems to be more and more common that companies are creating lip products (and other health/personal care items) for men`s use. The product itself can be used by anyone, lets be real... just like a regular chapstick can be used by a man.

The design is the main thing I see that would be more convenient for a man over a rounded chapstick. It is squared off and very, very flat. That will keep from having a rounded bulge in their pockets. Though, I can see that being nice for women as well. I don`t ALWAYS carry my purse with me. Sometimes I just grab my keys, phone, and wallet and am out the door... and being able to slip this into my pocket smoothly is convenient.

Staying with the packaging, you`ll also notice the little ridges or bumps on either side. That is handy for getting a good grip on the product. The company states the "Grips on the sides of CHAPFIX allow use in any conditions, like on the ski slopes or while on a run."

The balm itself is a bit waxy, like a typical chapstick is. Though, it does sooth chapped lips. It smells like mint gum sticks. It has that same taste, too, which is great... Not that I am eating my chapstick, but if you lick your lips or anything, you`ll taste it.. and it is nice to have a pleasant taste.

Another mark they hit with this balm is that it doesn`t leave a shine to your lips. Some chapsticks can leave a tiny bit of shine or glossiness to the lips. You won`t find that with this one. I`ve never noticed a particular high shine from my regular chapsticks, but apparently it was enough that men didn`t like it (?) so this one is even less so.

The balm contains beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E as well as having SPF 15 (always a plus in my book!). It is PABA free and they do NOT test on animals.

The one thing I will say is a semi-negative is the shape.. I mean, yes the shape keeps it smooth if you toss it into your pocket, but it also makes application feel strange. We are so used to rounded sticks on the lips and this is a skinny rectangle. I do a combo of flipping it horizontally and vertically for applying. I feel that if I don`t do that it will wear a dip in the center of the rectangle, lol! With me having full lips, too, if I apply it horizontally I feel like I`m going to be swiping forever because it is so skinny.

Will I repurchase? Probably. I like the results I am getting on my lips and it feels nice and smells/tastes good.


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