Chanel Logo Inspired Nails!

4 years ago

Hey guys!! I simply adore this nail design, because I lovvvveee everything about Chanel, the perfume, the clothing, the purses :D, and beauty products! So I decided (a while ago) why not do a nail art design of their logo, and I went for it, BUT the first time I ever tried this design it took FOREVER to accomplish, because since I`m crazy about getting every single detail perfect it took me 6 hours straight to complete this look. I mean it was kinda worth it because I got sooo many complements on it. :)

SOOO, all you need isss
1.) Black nail polish
2.) White nail polish
3.) Tooth pick
4.) Nail polish remover
5.) Top/Clear coat polish

So this look is very basic, but can be really tricky, if your a "perfect" freak like me this will take a while (for some), some people might be just skillfully artistic, (I`m a artist, but when doing nail art, not so much :P) and can just finish within a couple of mintues, while others like to just be simple and not care about the little mistakes. So all you need to do is get your black nail polish and paint your entire nail, then let it dry, next get a small container of some sort (I just used a bottle cap) and pour some of your white nail polish in it. Get your tooth pick and begin the logoing, with some of the white polish. Draw a "C" in the correct written form, then draw it backwards. You should then find yourself looking at the chanel sign, then as it dry get your top/clear coat and apply that onto your nails, and waalaaa you have Chanel inspired nails :DDD


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