Chanel Liquid Eyeliner Review!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

So recently i went into town to do some shopping and i decided i was going to try a new liquid eyeliner. Before i never really used to like liquid eyeliners as i thought they were a bit hard to apply and went all over my eye! but recently i had found online a liquid eyeliner that was easy and simple to apply and also great quality.

As I`m not very good at applying eyeliner, but this eyeliner is very easy to apply! I always used to use either jel or pencil eyeliner. Since I bought this Chanel liquid eyeliner, I`ve never touched the gel eyeliner ever again SERIOUSLY!


+ Brush is good - The brush is so good! it makes the liquid be applied to your like
+ Dries FAST - It dries so fast, no joke, when i apply it in about 5 seconds it had already dried up
+ Great Staying Power - The liquid stays on for HOURS ( i usually wear it from morning when i wake up until i get home at around 7pm and it is still on perfectly how i applied it in the morning) The pigments of which the liner is made of ensure that the liner lasts long
+ Draws a very precise eye line - draws to your like
+ Does not get washed by water - this is true! (one day i was walking through town and i didn`t know it was going to rain, until it did and my whole face was wet! and when i looked at myself in the mirror my eyeliner was in place still!


+ Formula comes out like watercolor
+ Expensive

Overall, I think this is one of the best liquid eyeliners i have used, and although it is very expensive it is worth it! This cost be £18 which is 34$

What do you think?
Which liquid eyeliner do you prefer?
Would you try this?

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