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Hi luuxies! Get it?! Anyways, I want to brag about this chanel bag, because, believe it or not this is a bag that was given away as a prize in another site. I won`t put up that site`s name as I am not aware of being or not being able to post another site that gives away prizes like Luuux.

This particular bag was for 3500 points. But don`t think it`s that easy to make 3500 point on that site. It actually does take a while. They have the hidden treasures (which can be hard to find through all the pages they have), and the daily give away points. Which is also hard to get, because you`ve gotta be on the site like 24/7, literally.

Then ofcourse, theres the points for sharing and what not. But just look at the bag, it`s real Chanel, very nice and very chic. That color is just so deep, rich and awesome! Plus the model really helps to "sell" it, if you will.

My sister has never owned Chanel, but that`s because she doesn`t like it. She says it just doesn`t seem special. And because, according to what she`s seen before, there`s many bags out there that aren`t Chanel with the same quilted design on the leather. Ofcourse, she also mentioned there`s many replicas out there with the same design. Nonetheless, I think it looks very classy and elegant.

Again, not my picture. Please check the sourcelink.

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