Chako`s Izakaya BBQ

3 years ago

Chako`s Izakaya BBQ

A few nights ago, my brother and I both had late nights and ended up skipping dinner. So at around 11pm, we wanted food, but had limited options. I didn`t want any fast food, so he suggested we go to a All you can Eat BBQ place called Chako`s.

He goes there quite a lot with his friends since it is open late and the prices are pretty reasonable. They have a regular menu with a bigger variety of options, but their shorter late night menu is only 14 bucks per person, which isn`t bad.

For veggies, you can order green or red pepper and zucchini. For meat, You can get some short ribs, thinly sliced beef, chicken or pork.
They also had some starters including miso soup and salad, as well as some side dishes like kimchi and bean sprouts.

The meat comes to your table raw, and you get to cook it on a small bbq built into each table.

It really is kind of cool. One definite down side is that you end up smelling like whatever you are cooking! With so much smoke and stuff in the air, you hair and clothes absorb the smells. So I suggest wearing some clothes that can be easily washed and taking a shower right afterward! I avoid this place for that reason alone, but on this occasion, I was so hungry, and it was so late, I didn`t really care!

The other downside is that with people cooking their own food, and with open flames, it can get kind of dangerous! My brother was telling me how they pour water into the bottom of the bbq to generate some steam, but since it is a gas bbq, they have to be careful where they pour, otherwise the bbq can start spitting out flames.

Just a few short minutes later, a table at the other end of the restaurant spilled a glass of water, and had fire spread onto their table!!! Firefighters were called in, and they had to kick us out! Even though we had only been there for a few minutes, and we hadn`t even eaten half of what we ordered, we were forced to pay our bills and leave.

I was kinda ticked off since I basically had a few cooked veggies, a small piece of chicken and a slice of beef - not something I would pay 14 dollars for. The bbq isn`t exactly huge, so you can see that you have to cook your meal slowly. I was going to ask the manager if they could take 20 percent or something off our bills since they were kicking us out before we were finished, but she was busy dealing with the firefighters and we didn`t feel like waiting around.

So I`ve avoided this place before, and after that experience, I think I`m going to keep avoiding it!

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