Chai Tea + Almond Milk

5 years ago

I was in the mood for some milk tea tonight, so I brewed a sachet of Stash Chai Spice Black Tea and added some almond milk to it. It was a really nice combo!

Chai tea is by far my favourite type of tea (as you might be able to tell from the photo, I`ve almost finished my box of Stash Chai tea). It`s very fragrant and comforting, I find. Though I like it made the *real* way in a restaurant (I`ve never tried making it the authentic way at home, though I probably should), I do occasionally like to just throw a teabag into some hot water for the next best thing. :) I usually have dairy milk with my tea, but since I found out that almond milk is a healthier alternative (there are less sugars in it than dairy milk, and just as much calcium), I`ve been trying to incorporate it into my diet. And I have to say that it`s not bad! I`m not a fan of unflavoured, unsweetened soy milk (though I LOVE strawberry soy milk, lol), I find that almond milk tastes fine to me. It`s definitely less sweet than dairy milk, though. I think I will keep drinking it and adding it to my tea, because it adds a nice touch of nuttiness and creaminess to it. :)

<strong>Do you like tea? What do you add to your tea, if anything?</strong>

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