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hey luuuxers,

i`ve been experiencing extremely dry skin in so cal. usually my skin doesn`t get dry even if i don`t put on lotion on a regular basis. however, in socal, my skin has been reacting poorly to the dry weather.

while at costco, i picked up a huge tube of cetaphil moisturizing cream. BTW this was around 10 dollars for almost double the tub sold in target, which was also 10 dollar. loooove costco. i was hoping this would help combat the dry skin.

the packaging is okay. it`s a bit unsanitary but i try to use it right after i shower so my hands are clean. i know a lot of people dislike tub packaging. but i`m okay with it. i actually use this only on my body. i know some people use it on their face, but i like lighter moisturizers for my face.

this cream is super thick! but that great thing is that it absorbs really quickly and feels like it really penetrates the deeper layers of my skin. it also doesn`t feel greasy and sticky. i hate the feeling of sticky skin. especially if i need to sit anywhere with shorts on.

there`s no scent which is my favorite aspect. scented stuff really bother me. i usually grow an aversion to them and feel nauseated every time i smell it. so the fact that it`s scentless is a huge bonus for me.

overall i LOVE this cream. i`ve noticed a huge difference. my skin literally feel like a baby`s skin. i have naturally soft skin. haha everyone who`s held my hand or touched my leg always says i have really soft skin. kind of awkward when that happens...but yeah. and it`s even softer now!

if you guys have dry skin, i highly recommend this!!!

<3, jane

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