Cetaphil Cleanser

4 years ago

I`m not sure if I`ve posted about this stuff before but I gotta say, this stuff is awesome. For those of you that don`t know, Cetaphil is a cleanser that doesn`t contain soap. That means it doesn`t lather up and it is gentle and perfect for those that have sensitive skin. Often times, a lot of the products we use contain lots of harsh chemicals that our skin just says, "no no no" to.

I know a friend that is super picky to what kinds of body soap they use because they`re super sensitive and bad a bad experience with most body washes. So instead of your normal body wash, her doctor recommended using Cetaphil. Which to me sounds pretty bizarre but I guess it makes sense if your skin reacts to everything but this.

For me, this is my go to cleanser after taking off my eye makeup. That`s because my eye makeup remover leaves behind a super oily and greasy feeling. And I have no choice because that stuff is the only thing that takes off my favorite mascara. So, after makeup remover, I massage Cetaphil in my eye area. This gets rid of the oily feeling, leaving me with a clean feeling instead.

Do any of you guys use Cetaphil? If you do, do you like it?

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