Cereal of the Week - Apple Jacks

4 years ago

Originally I had decided to eat the remainder of the apple pie in the fridge. However, due to the Indian food also being in the fridge for the weekend, the apple pie absorbed all the taste.

When I ate a piece of the apple pie, it literally had the taste of butter chicken. It was AWFUL! So unfortunately, I had to throw the slice of pie out because it was pretty disgusting.

Normally, I bring cereal to work to munch on between breakfast and lunch. I just like the taste of cereal and it`s a lot better eating a bowl of cereal than a bowl of chips.

This week, my cereal was Apple Jacks because it was on sale at Walmart. Instead of being my snack, it was actually my breakfast and I was very hungry by 10 am. Thankfully, I had morning meetings between 10 am and 12 pm so all I could focus on was work.

Personally I like Apple Jacks as a snack. They are the perfect size and texture to munch on. Your fingers don`t get sticky as they aren`t coated with a lot of sugar. When I had nesquik last week, it was a bit messy as my fingers were covered in Cocoa sugar. I also like the subtle sweetness in Apple Jacks as they weren`t as sweet as other sugary cereals like cinnamon toast crunch. The part I like the most is that it`s colored in Green and Orange. Even though it looks artificial, it makes me very happy because they`re so bright and colorful =).

For a box for $2.97, it was a steal as I love children`s cereal. This is definitely on the top of my breakfast cereal list for snacking.

Do you guys like Apple Jacks?

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