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5 years ago

This is a really sensitive subject for me to talk about, but I gained a lot of weight during college and suffered from stretch marks and cellulite. I was really embarrassed about it because I thought stretch marks were something only pregnant women suffered from. I soon found out through some research and visits with the dermatologist that this is a common misconception, and that a lot of women who are going through hormonal changes, weight gain/loss, as well as women going through pregnancy suffer from these issues.

After getting myself on a better diet and trying, literally, hundreds of products, I found my holy grail items that cleared up my stretch marks and most of my cellulite! I wanted to share with you all my daily routine..

During my daily shower I use Black Soap. The kind I use is from the brand Madina. I purchased it from http://www.amazon.com, and here is the link:


After my shower, I apply my African Shea Butter which you see in the photo above. It is almost a solid consistency and you really have to work it into your skin. It is well worth it though, because this is what mainly cleared up the redness from the stretch marks. I also purchased this from http://www.amazon.com:


Finally, several times a day I apply my Suave Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Butter (which is also in the Black Soap) is known to relieve redness and is very good for stimulating cellular activity. There are many brands of Cocoa Butter, but I find that the Suave Brand works perfectly and is only around $2.50 for a large bottle at Wal*Mart and Target:


So, with just a little attention to my diet and few extra steps to my beauty routine everyday, I pretty much got rid of my stretch marks and cellulite!

I hope some of you find this useful, have a great day!!

xoxo - Liz
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