Celebritys WORST trends OF 2012

its alexcia typing and now your reading one of my celebrity blogs. first off with the picture of katy perry in here im a barbie girl rubber dress. what happend to cotton? dresses can be cute but with that material it seem tight like you cant breath and squeaky as a squeaky toy.who ever thought of rubber dresses, thumbs up for you for starting and weird celeb trend.:) second is of the new as i call it booty-call dress. well to us its more like a extra large shirt but with lovely designs on it, tip to brave young woman for wearing this fashion,PUT ON SOME PANTS!third is dyed hair. everyone going for the plastic style but aren`t they pushing it a little to much? try going natural, it make the hair look less like a wig.last but not least is lady gaga and her weird unatural style. i wonder who makes her outfits or who dink them up
well thats just lady gaga being gaga. join me next time on another blog and i hope you enjoy reading, bye.

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