Celebrities who Stink!?

4 years ago

Hey guys, today`s going to be a very interseting topic. You know why? Because we`re going to talk about some emmbarasing stinky moments of celebrities. I know you`re probably thinking I`m crazy but my sister showed me a website that talks about weird stuff. She`s a total gossip reader btw. think it`s okay to smell bad because everyone has natural body odor and not celebrities are not perfect. They `re just like us!
1. Robert pattinson- Yes you read that righht. On the set of twilight a crew member said He stinks. I mean, it`s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy". He also doesn`t believe in washing his hair. He thinks there`s no point.

2. Brad pitt- He`s good at looking gorgeous, but when it comes to hygiene, well let`s just say he`s not very good at it. "Brad smells badly." Said Jolie. He uses BABY wipes since he doesn`t have time for showering. Well alot of people have busy lives but that doesn`t mean don`t take showers. Is that just an excuse or does he really not have time for cleaning?

3. Zac Effron- "Zac isn`t a big fan of showering It`s so gross" Said high school member crew. I think he`s following brad pitt since Zac uses baby wipes too because he`s not a fan of showering and plays sports.

4. Christina Aguillera- Many reporter have noted a strange smell from her. A reporter said "a 12-year-old girl`s bedroom on school-disco night." So she smells like grass and school gym?

There are more celebrities so check out the site below.
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Pictures are credited to- http://team-twilight.com/20110416/is-rob-the-next-brad-pitt/

Source link: http://www.thefrisky.com/photos/11-allegedly-stinky-celebs/smell-xtina/

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