Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts!!

3 years ago

Here are a list of celebrities that believe in the supernatural!
JenniferLawrence is a believer in the supernatural. In fact, she claims it as her BIGGEST fear. During an interview with Interview Magazine Jen said, `Im scared of ghosts. Just yesterday when I moved into a new room at the hotel, I was deeply convinced, that I shouldnt wash my face, because if I would look into the mirror, I would actually see a ghost.`

Huh... well isn`t that interesting.. I`m sure a lot of us had similar experiences at hotels. With all those ghost hunting shows, I get freaked out that maybe a ghost is haunting a hotel i`m staying at. Although, it`s probably just all in my head. Comment if any of you guys had a paranormal experience or know someone who has. I`m interested in this stuff.

Next... is MichelleWilliams Michelle has said on countless occasions that she`s been visited by late baby daddy Heath Ledger`s ghost. Michelle claims that just three months after Heath`s death, she woke up to furniture being moved at 3 a.m. before seeing a shadowy figure that looked like Heath. So sary and SO sad!

HalleBerry : Halle wasn`t just visited by any old ghost! The leading lady is sure she was visited by the spirit of Dorothy Dandridge back when she was filming the flick, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge! Maybe Dorothy was just trying to give her some motivation to do her life justice?? HA!

LilyCollins : Hotels are like a playground for ghosts...just ask Lily! The actress remembers when she felt a presence beside her bed during her stay at Dublin`s Shelbourne Hotel. We`re betting she didn`t sleep too well that night.

RyanGosling This hunk has been haunted! As a young stud-to-be in Canda, Ryan says their was a ghost in his family home that just hung around. No one in his family believed him until years later when his mom, cousin, and uncle all saw the spirit with their own eyes!

Demi Lovato She`s so strong she survived some INTENSE paranormal activity! Demi swears a ghost came out of her closet when she was eight!!! She probs blasted it away with her frighteningly amazing vocals. LOLz!

MatthewMcConaughey Matthew was absolutely positive their was an old lady ghost he called Madam Blue roaming around his Hollywood mansion. They were so close she even saw him in the nude! Lucky!

Ke$ha The rock pop princess even uses her ghostly friends for song inspiration! Ke$ha admitted that hit Tik Tok is about the freaky shiz that`s gone on at her digs.

DylanMcDermott The former American Horror Story star doesn`t just act out paranormal encounters. NOPE! Dylan will never forget a spooky night in 1989 while filming Steel Magnolias with Julia Roberts. He and Julia were enjoying a lovely car ride with their agent before they all spotted a ghostly form.

And Lastly,

PaulMcCartney Paul is convinced he felt John Lennon`s spirit while he recorded the song the late Beatle penned, Free As A Bird. He remembers strange noises and equipment moving.

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