Celebrities that started out as models

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Many celebrities started out somewhere. Well, did you know how many of them kicked off their career by modeling? Thanks to the source credited below, here are a few big named celebrities and their pictures when they started out as models.

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The first picture is a Calvin Klein ad starring Mischa Barton. She started her career by modeling and Off Broadway shoes. This ad is from the 1990`s wow!

Angeline Jolie also began modeling. She was 17 in this JC Penny ad (second picture). She was gorgeous even then.

Ashton Kutcher also was a model from Iowa during the mid 90`s. As well as Gwenyth Paltrow.

Victoria "Adams" Beckham was a young model too! She loved dance and music, and began modeling at a young age as well.

I thought this was interesting article. I love seeing old school photos of celebrities. Who would of thought they would be so famous now right?

The website credits http://snakkle.com as well.

Source link: http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/snakkle-celebs-as-models-01-25-1327534674-slideshow/ck_kids2-jpg-photo-1327534545.html

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