Celebrities That Are Older Than We Think?

5 years ago

As I was browsing through my Yahoo! News (like I do every night to catch up on news since I don`t watch tv), I happened upon this article. I don`t know quite a few of the celebrities they featured, but nonetheless, I thought it was interesting matching people`s faces and their age. I played the game on my head where I would just think what their age is looking at their picture, then find out if I`m pretty close or not from their actual age. lol (k, I get bored when my boyfriend is at the gym).

Out of all the pictures, the one that really surprised me the most is a man named <strong>James Lipton.</strong> WOW! That man is actually 85-years old yet he looks at least 20 years younger. He really aged well! <strong>Betty White</strong> was also featured, and even though I kindof think she looks like her age, I do love her spirit! She definitely has a young heart, but not in an annoying way. How I wish I can be pretty light-spirited and happy when I reach her age!

I have always been mistaken to look at least 10 years younger than my real age. I used to hate it so I started wearing makeup to make myself look older, or at least look like my age. Never worked. Now that I am nearing 30, I have finally accepted that "fact," and embraced it as a gift! lol

<strong>Did you guys enjoy this article?
Did you get most of their ages right?</strong>

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Source link: http://tv.yahoo.com/photos/tv-stars-who-are-older-than-you-think-slideshow/tv-stars-who-are-older-than-you-think-photo-133003399

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