Caves of Hercules, Tangiers, Morocco, Africa

Caves of Hercules are located 14 kms west of Tangier, this is an amazing place and beautiful, with a significant archeology.

Apparently, this is where rested the mythical figure of Hercules after the completion of his 12 labors. The cave entrances facing towards the Atlantic and are flooded during high tides. When the tide rises, the waves move water and flood the cave. It`s pretty impressive, the caves are partly artificial. At present, it remains unclear how these caves were created. Popular belief says they were built by an ancient civilization to protect themselves. In reality, their lives remain a mystery.
The views of the Cape of Straits of Gibraltar from the interior of the caves are impressive, especially the colors, the blue of the Atlantic ocean and the sky, form a unique contrast.
Swimming here is dangerous because of strong currents, if you are not an experienced swimmer, it is strongly advised not to venture into the sea here.
Some people say that the caves communicate with those of San Michael in Gibraltar but nobody could corroborate this hypothesis.
Also you can visit in this area the Roman ruins of Cotta II and III of the century just 500 feet away

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