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Have you guys realized that in third world countries or in places where people do not have access to the billion dollar skincare industry their skin still looks fine granted they don`t spend hours and hours in the sun? (sun damage is greatest cause of skin aging)

Have you also noticed that prior to the " anti acne skincare" explosion , acne was not that big of a problem amongst the population.

well i found that a lot of acne products or just skin products in general can aggravate or worsen the condition of your skin.

When i was studying for pre-med i also dabbled in dermatological studies and human skin has a natural barrier and pH level called the acid mantle.... normal healthy skin has a ph of between 4.5 and 6

In our the late teens to early 20`s, our acid mantle is well developed and provides good protection against potentially harmful, external environmental factors.
During this time...our skin usually looks healthy, heals quickly when injured and seems to take care of itself.

With increasing age however, the skin`s pH becomes more and more neutral (ph of 7) As outlined above, the skin`s pH is important and maintaining a slightly acidic pH of around 5.5 is critical.

The skin`s pH value is one of the major contributors to acne and other skin problems. Propionibacterium acnes is a bacteria that normally lives on the skin and is a normal bacteria found in all persons regardless of the presence or absence of acne.

However, in individuals prone to acne, the number of P. acnes is greatly increased. It has been found that the growth of this bacteria is very much dependent on the pH value of the skin and its growth is at its minimum at the normal skin pH of 5.5. A slight shift towards the alkaline pH would provide a better environment in which it can thrive. , and thus more susceptible to bacterial growth. This reduced acidity kills fewer bacteria than before, leaving the skin susceptible to bacterial growth and infections.

So what does all this mean?

well....CHECK the pH of your cleanser and other skincare products. lots of cleansers out there have a pH of 8,9,10 etc. very alkaline and this can disturb your natural skin`s pH (remember it`s best to leave your skin at a natural pH of around 5) slightly acidic

Your skin has a natural ability to adjust the pH but if u john tesh with it too much it can throw things into haywire.

sometimes the best thing to do for your skin is the caveman regimen and just let it regulate itself.

Currently I`m almost product free. no cleansers no moisturizers i just rinse with warm water to open pores and cold water to close the pores.

Once a week i will use a chemical exfoliant like a bha or aha or a physical exfoliant scrub to slough away dead skin cells and that night only i will moisturize....
then i will go for a whole week with just water on my skin.

If Your having skin troubles I suggest you try this "caveman" regimen and just leave your skin alone and let it regulate itself because you could be doing more harm than good
by messing with the pH level which a lot of acne oriented products tend to do!

some additional tips if you must use skincare products:

#1 don`t use soap. Too alkaline and it strips your "acid mantle" (comprised of your own skin`s oil and sweat) This is the skin`s first line of protection. Even soaps that have the words "dermatologist recommended" cannot be trusted. *coughs, Neutrogena, coughs* I have pH tested these and found them to be the same pH as your toilet bowl cleaner.

#2 do not use a toner with alcohol. Alcohol is another agent that strips the skin. It is used mostly to remove any traces of cleanser left on the skin. However, cleansers that leave a residue on the skin are gross anyways. Stay away from any mineral oils, petrolatum bases and lanolin inside your cleansers. Most professional cleansers are formulated to be removed completely with water, so these aren`t an issue.

#3 Double cleanse your skin. (if u put lots of things on your skin like girls who wear make up cant really do the caveman regimen) Use an oil-based "Precleanse" from Dermalogica to liquify sebum, sunscreen residue, pollution, and long lasting makeup. (DHC olive oil cleanser is also a good one) Rinse, and remove. Follow with a pH balanced (4.5-5.5pH) cleanser specific for your skin type and condition. (remember, skin type is DIFFERENT from your skin condition. For more info on this, check out Dermalogica`s website) Usually, creamy cleansers are going to be for a skin that isn`t producing enough oil of it`s own (DRY skin) Gel based foaming cleansers are going to be for someone that has enough oil production or an excess amount of oil (COMBO-OILY)

#4 In my opinion, cleansers that have alpha or beta hydroxy acids that "claim" to be exfoliating are pulling your strings. A cleanser isn`t on the skin long enough to really perform this function. Also, the pH would need to be really low and acidic (3.2-3.5pH) for the acids to work properly, and in most cases, it`s not.

#5 Avoid cleansers with artificial colors and fragrances. These are the ingredients that cause sensitivities in the skin. Also, high concentrations of some preservatives can cause irritations, so be careful on that.

Expect to pay anywhere from $20-$30 for a good cleanser. Cleansing is the most important part of your skin care program. (organic products will cost more due to the fact that the process is more expensive)

Some things to check out for those asking for reccomendations.

Dermalogica: Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Dermal Clay Cleanser

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