Catrice: Genius In The Bottle (CHANELS PERIDOT DUPE!)

4 years ago

I read about some dupes, some here on Luuux and in other blogs, and this one caught my attention. Chanels nailpolish are pretty expensive, at least I think they are, I would never pay about 20 or $ for a nailpolish when I can find them for about 1/2/3 or 6/7 (maximum). Ok, they might not be the same, but I dont wear nailpolish that much and I still think that 20 are way too much for a tiny bottle.

Once I love Catrices nail polishes for numerous reasons and I read that they have a kind of a dupe of the well-known <strong> Peridot </strong> from <strong> Chanel </strong> I decided to give it a try and the first time I came across it, I bought it.

This nailpolish is called <strong> Genius In The Bottle </strong> and it is the number <strong> 840 </strong>. Catrice always have cute names for their nailpolish and this one, as some many others suits perfectly the shade; it really has some kind of mystery and magic.

Usually Im not a huge fan of metallic nail polish and I really cant explain why but this one caught my attention, I think it is different and I like its shade too. I also liked the result in swaps that Ive saw in the internet. Probably it will not look as good as them but Ill try.

Do you own any dupe of a well-known nail polish or even a dupe of Peridot? What you do think about it?

*Pictures are mine.*

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