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5 years ago

This review will be very simple, probably without great photos or anything like that, because the type of product does not call or anything swatches of style, and have seen the effect in some looks.

This review is the Concealer Palette Allround Catrice, and was one of the winners of the investigation that had for some time in the sidebar. I apologize for taking so long time, but wanted to test the maximum palette and see what he could do with it before I throw in the review.

This is paletinha Wells on sale in stores, and I`m not even sure how much all it costs, but they are certainly less than 5 , probably much less than that.

She brings five brokers cream generously sized, 3 colors of skin, and two specific brokers, one pink and one green, the style of palettes Make Up Forever .. Which brings me to my first criticism. I greatly appreciate the fact that the palette is fairly universal, but I liked her to have varieties.
Because I think the skin tones very clear, and only see the people run up to medium skin tone, not really dark-skinned people (and I have experienced the darker shade, as will see later, and I know that is not as dark as this)

I wish there were other options undertones and brokers. This palette is good for me, you have more pink undertones, and dark circles almost nonexistent but more yellowish, but for people with dark circles more golden tones of other colors, probably a broker and a llilás more salmon would be a good idea, and useful .

Aside from this minor issue, I think the coverage and opacity of these very good correction, together with a creamy supreme, that allows an application to look and feel very light, but with good coverage, and very natural, with both brushes and fingers , without worrying about heat, or spend hours in the spread, or the like.

As to specific brokers, I must say I`m surprised, especially with the pink. As we know, I do not have large dark circles, but even so I decided why not try this area, and I do a lot that illuminates the area, which made me quite happy.

Green is a little more complicated to use, the application must be very light so that it cancels the pink tones in the skin but not leave you to look like Shrek. But the truth is that it is effective. However, I urge you to use it before the base, and move a layer of skin color corrector before applying the base.

Now, say I once thought ... well, what a waste! Here I have two tones that will not use, and a third I can not use, so I started to puzzle, and I do not know whether they are desirable, but magique some alternative uses for these brokers.

For skin color if your color is lighter, why not use the darker face as an outline, or a basis for bronzer? And if more darkies, the lighter shades can be excellent for illuminating! The pros do this often, so that the air becomes more natural.

For the green, why not use it on the eyelids as a shadow base or creamy shadows? I must confess I have not tried this, but it is possible ...
And the little rose is my favorite ... I used it as a blush, lipstick and how, as you can see the look last Saturday, and possibly could even be used on the eyelids, who knows!

For these reasons, I think that is an excellent product, very versatile and a great investment!

Note 10 to this product!

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