Catholic League attacks` The Three Stooges quot(The Three Stoges)

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At stake is the name of one of the nuns of the film and daring bikini used by Kate Upton

The film `The Three Stooges "(The Three Stoges) - which debuted this week-end in the U.S. - was attacked by Bill Donohue, Catholic League president by the way disrespects the Catholic religion and its members.

"" The Three Stooges "are not just a remake. They are a cultural landmark in sociological impacts and demonstrate that what we have changed in recent years is not encouraging (...) In the 50s, Hollywood generally avoided the harsh treatment and respected religion. Nowadays everything is specialized in the roughness and the attack on Christianity, especially Catholicism. (...) See the example of Sister Mary Mengele. The name is easily connected to the Nazi Josef Mengele, an SS officer who decide the future of the detainees at Auschwitz. (...) In the case of the character played by Kate Upton, the problem is not his name - Brother Bernice - but their clothes. In one scene the model arises from the Sports Illustrated bikini with a rosary around his neck. "

We recall that "The Three Stooges" ("Três Patetas", in Brasil, "Os Três Estarolas", in Portugal) of the famous American comic group of the twentieth century. More known by their first names, Larry (Larry Fine), Moe (Moe Howard) & Curly (Jerome Lester Horwitz), they became famous for their work in several films and participate in various short films, which invariably had demonstrations of slapstick humor .

In this new version, with Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos in the cast, the stooges are going to have to fight the closure of the site where they spent their childhood.

With the completion of the film in the hands of the Farrelly forever known as "There`s Something About Mary"), the work has a strong compromise of events, even going to find Snooki (a competitor of the reality show "Jersey Shore", a cameo for the film. And yes, Sofia Vergara also appears ... and how ...

`The Three Stooges "hits theaters July 12 the Portuguese.

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