I`m morbidly disgusted by what I encountered the last couple days. A dear friend of my was posting updates on a little girl suffering from Cancer. He posted the link to her `Team (her name)` facebook page. I was interested in this and felt instantly for this gorgeous little girl. She added me to her personal page (I was confused why a 6 year old had a facebook but did not think twice about it). She was messaging me and my daughter and I replied trying to make her feel better as her posts were very sad. We talked on and off for the next fews days, she told me what she wanted for christmas etc. I went to a friends house and I recieved a message from the little girl, I told my friend anbout her and how I was touched by her story, but she thought it seemed fishy how this little girl was only 6 and fully funtional to facebook able to read and respond to my messages. I woke up to a call today from my friend telling me that her and another friend just thought something was up with what I told her, and by the things that were posted on her `team` page. The medical accusations just didnt seem right. They did an image search on the pictures only to find out the little girl i was supporting wasnt who she said to be. They found the real website and page for the little girls pictures these people stole. I went to get on the fake page an confront them to only find out the facebook profile and page have been deleted. Im sick to my stomach to think that there are people out there who steal pictures of sick children and make fake pages to recieve money and gifts. Im horrified. Has anyone else encountered a situation like this?!

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