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So the catching for Catching Fire , the second instalment in the Hunger Games film franchise has been underway and much speculation of who will be playing the big roles such as Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason. My personal choice for Johanna has always been Jena Malone. She is one of my favourite actresses and she has played the Johanna type before. When I read the books over a year ago I posted multiple times on twitter that I thought she would be perfect for the role. As for Finnick I pictured Alex Pettyfer. I do not exactly want him in that role because I am still holding out for somebody who is slightly better at acting and possibly older. I never had a clear image of who I pictured everybody else as. I really created most of my emotional attachment to Johanna mostly because I was easily able to imagine Jena in the role. With the other characters I pictured faces that my mind came up with. I refused to come up with somebody for Mags because I don`t want to go there. Beetee was always Ed Helms in my mind. Not likely to happen but I am happy with the idea of David Tennant in the role. In general I am sure the film with turn out great. I thought the first one was pretty good (compared to the book) so I have great confidence in this one! If you have any ideas on who you wanted cast let me know!
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