Catching Fire - My review! :)

3 years ago

Hey Guys!

So, friday I went to the premiere of the Catching Fire movie and I`ll start by saying that it was totally worth staying on that line for hours hahaha

If you haven`t read the book or watched the movie yet this post might have some spoiler so I don`t recomend reading it :)

I`m a huge fan of this series I confess. I think the books are amazing, the story is super well written and the characters are really deep. So, of course I know that the movie will be a little bit different from the books, but this movie is awesome!

My favorite scene was by far when they are punishing Gale and Katniss goes to his rescue. I remember reading that scene on the book and really wondering how they would make it on the movies. I also loved the scene in which Katniss wedding dress becomes a representation of the mockingjay, it was such a beutiful and weel done scene.

There is a lot of emotions going on in this movie. When Katniss descovers that she has to go to the arena one more time it`s just heartbreaking and I remember reading the book the anxious feeling I got. It`s just really sad and it makes you kinda angry too.

This movie definetely puts you on the revolutionary vibe for the last book. Overall I have to say that the movie is really very good, and even if you haven`t read the book you shoud definitely go watch the film because it`s a great story and very well told :)

Do you guys like this series of books and movies??
Let me know

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