Cat Shot Game

5 years ago

This is a free game for the iPhone and is really fun and funny!! The basic idea of this game is an action shooting game where kittens shoot down fish! The cat`s have a catapult and you control it with your finger so they can release the ball which flies at the fish and they can catch them in a bucket! I just love the idea of cats working as a team, using a slingshot to catch fishit cracks me up. You get points for every fish that goes into the buckets and certain colored fish are worth more points than others. Sometimes there are obstacles like UFOs and you need to shoot at it to destroy it! If the UFO hits, the game is over. There are other "enemies", but I won`t spoil the surprise and let you find out for yourself. It is free, so check it out! It is a really entertaining game!! :-)

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