Cat and Fish Clock

5 years ago

Who said that clocks have to be all the same... All like the hold, regular and boring pointers and numbers system?

Yeah, I know that digital clocks exist too, but I`m only talking about analogical ones xD

So, luckely, there are a lot of people in the world with lots of new and exciting ideas... And some of those persons dedicate their life to design clocks, just like the one that you see above, that is nothing more, nothing less, than a clock with the image of a cat that is trying to catch a fish that is always going up and down, with the pointers, on a fishbowl that is nothing more than the clock body.

It has a really cool design, and if you have a cat, I`m sure that you`ve already noticed that cats are some of the most curious animals in the world and they have a special attraction to fishes and birds... So this clock retracts a situation that can easily happen in a house with cats and fishbowls.

So, if you like the design, you can buy this clock for $35, which in my opinion is a little to much, but this is just my opinion.

And you? What do you think about this clock? Would you buy it?

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