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4 years ago

After eating fried food which you`ll see in the post I did earlier. My siblings and loving parents all decided to hit up the Casino buffet and grub on some food.

I love it when my siblings, in laws are in town because we always go out eat, eat good food, have fun and enjoy each other company. The first dish I got the Mac n Cheese, corn, seafood pasta and some other Cajun pasta. I`ve never tried their seafood or Cajun pasta before. I usually eat their fried chicken, but since I ate chicken earlier I passed on it. Lol

Corn: I love their corn because it has this buttery, spicy taste to it. When you look at the corn you do not see any seasoning on there what so ever. Man! If only I can take some to go. Haha! Best corn on the cob! 10/10

Mac n cheese: it wasn`t the best Mac n cheese, but it was decent. I taste the cheese which I love about Mac n cheese. :) 6/10

Seafood pizza: This was my first time eating their seafood pizza. I`ve never seen this there before, but I was surprise to see something new. I was by the buffet bar when the server came out with a new batch of pizza. Lol. I literally went for it since it was hot! Overall, it was good. I wouldn`t say it was the bomb or anything, but it was good enough. Can`t top Sicily`s seafood pizza. Lol. 7/10

Cajun pasta: I didn`t know the exact name, but Cajun pasta will do. This is my first time seeing this too! I`m a pasta lover so I knew it won`t hurt to try. If I can remember it had chicken in it? I can`t remember at all. But yeah! The dish taste and reminded me of Cajun food. That`s why how I came up with the name? Lol 6/10

1. Have you ever tried seafood pizza or pasta?
2. Do you like to eat Buffet from the casino?

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