Caryl Baker Visage On The Beach Collection for Summer 2012

Ive seen Caryl Baker Visage countless times in local malls, but I never really ventured into their makeup line (Id go there to purchase OPI nail polishes though)! Ive been playing with one of their summer collections lately though, the On The Beach collection ($39 CAD for all three products) which pretty much features three perfect products for a beach-bound face (if you must have something on).

I usually like to go bare-faced (with sunscreen, of course) but I always like wearing lip balm anyways, and might as well add the bronzer for a light hint of color! Heres my thoughts on the products.

First, the collection includes the Caryl Baker Visage Sun Essentials Sunscreen, an SPF 30 lotion meant for both face and body. Heres the kicker- it doesnt smell like sunscreen at all! I couldnt believe it! After I finished sniffing my slathered-hand, I came to the conclusion Ive never found anything like it!

So if youre longing for a sunscreen that feels great, without any sticky residue, and doesnt have that typical sunscreen scent try this one out! I did find it to be a little too heavy for my face though- for that Id stick to my Neutrogena Water Light Sunscreen.


Next, the Caryl Baker Visage Mineral Lip Tint in Naked is part bronzy-nude lipstick (the outer part) and part clear lip balm (the inner tube). Applying it just like a lipstick gives a hint of color, tons of moisture and a light glow that looks perfect for the beach.

It also contains SPF 15 which I wish was a little higher, but Im not going to get picky because its hard to find a good, protective lip balm anyways! I really love the look of this lip tint, but make sure to exfoliate your lips regularly because this really accentuates flakiness- not pretty!


Finally, the Caryl Baker Mineral Bronzer in Sand is a deep tan shade with a tiny hint of shimmer, but really not much. This bronzer is super pigmented, which I really love (I have a hard time finding pigmented bronzers that actually give a tan look).

Its the perfect shade for bronzing, and you wont feel so unbalanced with a glow of color on your body and a pale face from keeping it in the shade! My face loses color super fast too, from daily cleansing and exfoliating, so bronzers like this are a must-have in my everyday routine!


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