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4 years ago

yesterday, i visited the california adventure theme park across the street from disneyland and got to go to the brand spankin` new cars land that opened on friday 6/15. i knew that the lines at cars land would be RIDICULOUS because i had a friend post a picture on facebook of the lines to even get into CA adventure on friday... they stretched from the front gates all the way to the lego store in downtown disney, and if you`ve ever been to disneyland/downtown disney or know how the park is laid out, you`ll know that that is ONE LONG LINE.

anywho, i had decent hopes of getting to ride at least one attraction in cars land. it was a monday. i didn`t think there would be that many people.

BOY, WAS I WRONG! holy crap there were a lot of people there for a monday. i know that it`s summer but i still wasn`t expecting those crowds! in my opinion, CA adventure is far inferior to disneyland and i don`t think they ever have this much business. the opening of cars land this summer is bound to boost their numbers.

i went with some extended family who were visiting and i had already taken them on almost all the attractions worth riding. it was around 5 PM and i figured we might as well wait it out until world of color at 9 PM. we originally wanted to go on the REALLY popular one, but fastpasses had been all gone by 9 AM (-_-) and standby lines were 4 hours long AND when we got there, cast members said the ride was closed indefinitely for repairs. what a bust!

we instead got in the line for the luigi`s floating tires ride or whatever it`s called. i honestly don`t even know what it is, but basically it`s bumper cars but instead of driving cars, you navigate a tire. the surface of the area where the tires are is like one big air hockey table. you control where your tire goes by leaning in that direction with your body weight. super cool! only thing was that we waited in line for 2 hours. was it worth the 2 minute 15 second ride? no, but we had nothing better to do and since cars land is the hot new place to be at the disneyland resort, i figured i might as well take my relatives there and get on just one ride.

oh, and mater from cars made an appearance as well as lightning mcqueen! i didn`t get a photo of lightning mcqueen, sadly. they were actually quite legit and they moved on their own and everything and they kinda just drove through. everyone surrounded them so quickly though that it was hard to see them clearly.

i hope to visit again but definitely after the summer is over and there are fewer numbers of visitors. it was so crowded and i definitely had issues with a lot of the ways that rides were being run. i`m going to go on a bit of a tangent now just to air out a huge complaint that i will also file with the disneyland resort itself. (stop reading now if you don`t want to read a long paragraph of my bitching and political incorrectness! :D)

every time a new ride has opened at disneyland or california adventure, i always notice that there are these people who basically cut the long lines. how do they do this? with a pass from guest services because they are "disabled" in such a way as to make them incapable of waiting in a line with everyone else. i understand if you`re in a wheelchair that you need special accessibility, but WHY ARE YOU AT DISNEYLAND IF YOU ARE DISABLED IN A WAY THAT MAKES YOU UNABLE TO WAIT IN A LINE? IF YOU ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO PANIC ATTACKS, WHY ARE YOU IN A PLACE WHERE THERE WILL BE DROVES OF PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT? i understand that because of the americans with disabilities act, we have to afford the disabled with opportunities to get on rides the same way we do. however, when i`m waiting in a TWO HOUR LINE with a bunch of families with SMALL CHILDREN who are even willing to wait in that line, why the hell are there couples who are MAKING OUT and joking around in that stupid "disabled persons" line?!?!?! NO. NOT OKAY. PEOPLE ABUSE THAT F*CKING LINE AND THEY NEED TO STOP. there is no shot in HELL that those people were deaf or blind and it looked to me like they were of absolutely FANTASTIC mental and physical health. why the T@^&%*# are they allowed on the ride in 15 minutes as opposed to the TWO HOURS that i waited? i`m just saying. ohhhhhh my goodness, as politically incorrect as this is, i was so close to going up to every f*cking person in that line and directly confronting them and asking what in the WORLD their "disability" is. obviously i would never do that because i understand some people have conditions that don`t manifest symptoms unless you put them under duress so i don`t want to be responsible for causing some person to start seizing. i`m just saying that i don`t think a single one of those people had anything wrong with them and they really screwed over a lot of people who waited patiently in line for a very long time. like i said, this happens every time a new ride opens and i feel like some people just purposely avoid the lines that they know will be long by faking a condition and getting a pass from guest services, and guest services can`t even ask to see proof of whatever "disability" the person claims to have. if you`re so disabled, i don`t know why you HAVE to get on a ride on an attraction you know will be in an area that`s ridiculously crowded and will already require a lot of strenuous action to even get to, i`m just saying. okay... end rant, but clearly this peeved me a lot yesterday!

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