Carnival Food: Hot Dogs!

5 years ago

One of those fairs (or carnivals.. I don`t know what to call them lol) that pick up and move was close to where I live, so I HAD to go there for my birthday! Lol. I love those places, I don`t know why. But it is so expensive there. It`s like $3-5 a game or ride. Food is so overpriced. I ended up getting a hot dog for $4.50 or $5.00. I forgot which one. There was also flunnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs... the usual.

OMG. O-M-G. The hot dog had this HORRIBLE smell to it. You don`t know how much I love hot dogs, but this one time, I couldn`t eat one! This one smelled sooooooooo freaking bad. My boyfriend didn`t smell anything, but I did. It smelled so bad.. I wanted to throw up. What a waste of $5. Freaking expensive. The hot dog was tiny. The bun wasn`t tasty. They had little ketchup and relish packets. There was those big bottles of mustard, too. I really wanted to get some, but I didn`t trust it. I was afraid that someone had done something to it lol because they wrapped the bottle in a bag so that no one could open it or something..

But yeah. That was my very bad experience with a fair/carnival hot dog. The service was really bad too. The workers were all angry lol.

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