Carnitas Snack Shack | San Diego, California

If you ever visit San Diego, you have to give Carnitas Snack Shack a taste, this is the most original fast-casual porkhouse you will find! All ingredients are fresh as can be from local farms! This is my 2nd time here and the food was amazing!

A must try if you visit:
- The `Triple Threat Pork` Sandwich if you dare ~ for $9.50 you get pork loin schnitzel/ pulled pork/ bacon/ pepperoncini relish/ shack aioli

- The `Snack Shack Steak Sandwich` for ~ $10.50 you get sliced ribeye steak/pepperjack/tom/pickled serrano/chipotle aioli/jalep bread -

- Side of Seasoned Fries with Bacon Ketchup $3 ~ The bacon ketchup is bomb!

You won`t be disappointed with the food ~ expect a line, lucky if you find a parking spot and most of all enjoy!

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